Mottled Houdan

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Mottled Houdan Chickens are beautiful, yet surprisingly productive. They’re also extremely docile and gentle, making them great pets as well.

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The Mottled Houdan chicken originated in France and gets its name from the city of Houdan, near Paris. The Houdan Chicken is similar in build and feather type to the Crevecoeur Chicken and the Polish Chicken, two birds probably used in its creation to achieve the desired crest.

The Houdan was first exported to North America in 1865. It was first featured in the American Standard of Perfection in 1874The crested Mottled Houdan Chicken differs from the Polish and Crevecoeur in that it is always bearded and has five toes, a trait probably developed from breeding with the Dorking chicken or other French Breeds.

Mottled Houdan Chickens are fluffy, crested, and also have a V-shaped comb, like its fellow crested relatives. That being said, the Houdan’s is much smaller than the comb of the Crevecoeur. Houdan Chickens are also exceptionally docile and gentle creatures which makes them great pets. They are tolerant of confinement and they are fairly good layers of medium-sized white eggs. Some use the Mottled Houdan Chicken for egg production and their meat. But most keep this bird for ornamental and exhibition purposes. These are the type of birds who can add a little beauty and productivity to your farm.

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