Easy Treat Ideas for Your Chickens

Many chickens enjoy being spoiled, and luckily, there are easy ways to spoil your chickens in a healthy way. Like many other animals, chickens will recognize love when it is shown to them, especially when it comes to things like feeding.

One of the easiest ways to establish a relationship with your chickens is to give them treats.

But where do you start? What’s a chicken treat? Below are a few easy treat ideas that your chickens will truly love:

Fruit and Yogurt Bowls

This one is particularly simple because it’s also something you can make for yourself. There are many fruits and dairy that a chicken can eat, just like us, so next time you make a fruit and yogurt bowl for breakfast, make that two. Your chickens will be happier, and healthier, as a result, the vitamins and calcium in the serving is great for the chicken’s development.

Leftover Pasta

Here’s another treat idea that you can pull out of the pantry. Who has made pasta and hasn’t had leftovers? Instead of throwing that pasta away, give a small amount to your chickens! They’ll eat any style of pasta, but we recommend anything whole wheat, so you maximize the health benefits from the meal. Watch them go crazy over spaghetti as they trail the noodles behind them. Pasta is an affordable and filling treat for chickens.

Something Sweet with Pumpkin

Pumpkins function as a highly nutritious and tasty meal for your chickens that comes with plenty of health benefits. Simply carve the pumpkin open so the chickens can peck through which will satisfy their hunger and keep them busy.

These are just a sampling of the many easy treats you can make for your chickens. And what’s great about them is that they’re affordable, too. In fact, many times, you probably are already cooking these foods for yourself. Start feeding your chickens some treats they they’ll love!

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