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Fertile Hatching Eggs-Bantam Size

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There are many reasons why ordering fertile hatching eggs through the mail may not produce a good hatch. First, we will assume you get fertile eggs and second, we will assume the eggs are not more than 10 days old and the eggs have not been to hot or too cold. Once the eggs leave our facility we cannot guarantee the eggs did not freeze or get too hot during delivery. We can not guarantee that the egg case did not get shaken to the point it scrambles the inside egg and membrane. Eggs should go into the incubator or under the hen within 1-2 days after arrival. The large round end of egg standing up and the pointed end of egg goes down in the incubator rack. Do NOT dip eggs in warm or hot water to clean, this often drives  bacteria into the protective shell. Generally, eggs do not need to be cleaned spotless because of the natural protection of the egg shell. If you must clean an egg use a damp cool cloth to wipe and then dry off with a towel. Eggs to be placed under a broody hen should be done at night time, taking her eggs out from underneath her and slowly putting the new eggs back under her. An incubator should be turned on several weeks before the eggs arrive and checked out to make sure it runs properly for at least 2 days and regulated. Most small hobby type incubator temperature should be set around 99.5-100 degrees F. The direct or relative humidity reading should be around 50-55% at a 99-100 degree F reading. If you are using wet bulb humidity reading it should be around 80-85%. These are recommended setting during the first 18 days of incubation. Candling the eggs is your choice and may be necessary if you need the room for more eggs. The last 3 days of incubation/hatching period the humidity can be increase by 5-10%. It is highly recommended to have an automatic egg turner for the incubator that automatically turns the eggs every 1-4 hours. It is harder to regulate the humidity and temp if you are constantly opening the incubator to turn the eggs. For best results, stop turning the eggs 3 days before they hatch and lay the eggs down flat on a tray and don’t touch or move them around until they are completely hatched out and dried completely. Our large capacity incubators hatch eggs with 70-80% hatchability. Small hobby type incubators hatch eggs with a 50-70% hatchability.


About Your Ship Date:

We are going to pay to have a delivery receipt on the shipment so you will need to be available to sign the delivery receipt. Before signing, open the box to see if any eggs are broken. If any are, please note it on the delivery receipt and call us within 24 hours. For damaged eggs we will do a ONE time reshipment and we will not refund or replace after the ONE time reshipment. Customers order at their own risk and depend on the post office for safe delivery.


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