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Cream Legbar

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The Crested Cream Legbar was developed in the 1930's in Great Britain, by Reginald Crundall Punnett and Michael Pease at the Cambridge Genetical Institute. They created this remarkable breed by crossing Brown Leghorns and Barred Rocks along with some Araucana lines. Their first appearance was at the 1947 London Dairy Show. The British egg industry was looking for pastel eggs produced by free-range birds to fill a specialty market. Crested Cream Legbars began to grow in popularity and they were officially accepted into the British Poultry Club in 1958. This breed was introduced in the United States in 2010.

One of the most desirable characteristics of the very rare Crested Cream Legbar is that they can be sexed based on their color. Male chicks will have a pale dot on the head and will have little to no eye streaks. The female chicks will have a dark brown to black stripe that starts on top of the head and extends down the length of the body. These day old chicks will have a tiny little crest developing on the top of their heads.

Crested Cream Legbars are uniquely feathered and solid bodied birds. The most attractive characteristic of the breed is the small, slicked back crest on the top of their heads, which is positioned behind their floppy comb. Roosters have a cream and dark gray barring over most of their body. Hens are darker overall being salmon-chestnut and darker gray in color with less barring. Both sexes have red faces, combs, and wattles, as well as, yellow legs and feet.

This chicken breed is an attractive medium weight bird with a huge personality and personable disposition that is mostly used for egg production. Each year they produce around 180 beautiful medium to large eggs, which range in color from sky blue to light green. This breed is very alert, strong, and does well at avoiding predators. Crested Cream Legbars are cold and heat hardy. They are very curious and thrive at adapting in many different environments. Roosters keep a watchful eye and are great at protecting of the hens. The rarely broody hens are very active foragers. The Cream Legbars are chatty, friendly chickens that would be a great addition to your backyard.   

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