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Black Spanish Turkey

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The Black turkey is one of the oldest heritage breeds and it originated in Europe. They are a direct descendant of the Mexican turkeys carried home with explorers in the 1500s. In Spain they are known as “Black Spanish”, and in Norfolk region of England they are known as “Norfolk Blacks.” Around two hundred years later, the Black turkey was brought back to North America with early European colonists. It was then crossed with the Eastern wild turkey, and this formed the Black Spanish turkey breed in America. The Black Spanish was raised for production through the early part of the 20th century until the development of the Bronze Broad Breasted turkey. The Black turkey breed was recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1874. It is currently listed as threatened on The Livestock Conservancy list.

Poults will often have white or bronze in their feathers before they molt.  When mature, Black Spanish plumage is a very shiny, metallic black with a green sheen on top and a dull black under color. The APA’s Standard of Perfection calls for this breed to have all black feathers, with no white, and no brown or bronze-colored tint or sheen once they are full grown. Their beak and beard are black. Their wattle and head are red, changeable to bluish-white. The legs and toes are pink in adults and black in young turkeys. They have white skin. 

This breed is very charming and has a calm disposition. They also have rapid growth, early maturation, and are ready to process in 28 weeks. The beautiful Black Spanish turkey also has the ability to mate naturally. 


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