15 Buff Orpington Chickens For Sale
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15 Buff Orpington

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The Buff Orpington chicken breed originated in Orpington, England in the late 1800s which explains their regal name. These chickens for sale have always been very popular for those raising chickens for eggs at home. Being one of the most docile and gentle of all laying hens is what naturally makes them a favorite for families of all ages and raising backyard chicken eggs. Buff Orpington chickens are among the top rated backyard pets for many reasons and make a great pet chicken. The most obvious trait that people notice is their fluffy tan colored appearance. They are classified as a large bird and much of the reason is their thick stature and illusion of being even larger than their actual size, due to a heavy concentration of down feathers that puff out their outer feathers. This also makes this breed very cold tolerant and well adapted to free range chicken coops. However, having fluffy feathers does allow rain to penetrate their plumage, so its recommended for them to have a place for them to retreat during rain showers. They are somewhat heavy, so flight is not a part of their nature making them easier to care for in a residential or confined setting. Buff Orpington chickens are good brown egg layers throughout the seasons and will account for about 150 eggs per year. If you are looking for a good setter/mother, this breed will also be a great choice for buying baby chicks online at chickensforbackyards.com. Hens will normally reach an average weight of 7 pounds and roosters can reach up to 8 1/2 pounds. 

 Egg Color Brown  Hardiness Very Cold Hardy
 Egg Size Large  Broody Yes
 Production Good  Hen Weight 7 lbs
 Personality Quiet & Affectionate  Rooster Weight 8 1/2 lbs

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