15 Black Australorp Hatchery Special
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15 Black Australorp

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  • How old are the chickens I'm ordering?: They are one day old chicks.
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The Black Australorp is a breed originating in Australia around 1919. It is understood to be Australia's version of England's Orpington blood line. This breed of layers gained a lot of notoriety after setting a world record in the early 1920s for a team of 6 hens laying over 1800 eggs in a 35 week period. The Australorp went on to beat their own record when one hen actually laid 364 eggs in 365 days. Despite all of the their grand achievements, the Black Australorp remains a very gentle and docile breed that is cherished by families all over the world. Kids and parents alike enjoy the good nature of these birds. Although they are solidly covered in black feathers, they radiate a gorgeous iridescent sheen reflecting green, purple, and pink hues in the light. They are very broody, meaning that they enjoy setting on eggs and hatching out babies if their environment allows. They will do well in small coops as well as large yards allowing them to be an important part of any flock. Still being recognized for their strong laying abilities, you can expect an average of about 200-280 brown eggs each year. Hens will reach a healthy weight of around 6 pounds, while roosters can weigh up to 8 1/2 pounds.

 Egg Color Brown  Hardiness Cold and Heat
 Egg Size Large  Broody Yes
 Production Excellent  Hen Weight 6
 Personality Quiet and Calm  Rooster Weight 8 1/2

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