100 White Leghorn Baby Chickens For Sale
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100 White Leghorn

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All Leghorn chicken breeds were originally brought to North America in 1853, this breed was referred to as Italians as they were brought over from Tuscany. The Leghorn chicken was also the inspiration for the very famous cartoon character, Foghorn J. Leghorn. The White Leghorn chickens are the most productive white egg layer and are used in commercial egg production all over the world and these chicks are for sale online at chickensforbackyards.com. This breed is completely covered in solid white feathers and will have a single comb. They will lay about 250-300 extra large white eggs annually. They have been a favorite for commercial egg production due to their smaller size and over the top egg production. The White Leghorn chicken is not considered a broody hen, so most of these eggs would have to be incubated. This classic chicken breed and heritage chicken breed does not get as big as a lot of other standard breeds. Females may only reach 3-4 pounds and roosters about 5-6 pounds. These active and independent chickens do very well foraging and tend to be more active than a lot of other chicken breeds. They do very well as free range chickens because of their alerness; however, their white color is easily seen by predators. Many chicken forums or chicken blogs recommend not using the Leghorn in a small coop because of their nervousness. 

 Egg Color White  Hardiness Heat
 Egg Size Large  Broody No
 Production Excellent  Hen Weight 3-4 lbs
 Personality Active  Rooster Weight 5-6 lbs

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