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100 Brown Leghorn

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Brown Leghorn chickens are a unique and beautiful breed known for their classic, colorful feathers and high egg-laying ability. With shining brown, golden, yellow and black colors with a bright red face and crest and plumed tail, Brown Leghorn chickens are truly beautiful birds. They are also good egg-layers or they can be used for meat. Brown Leghorn chickens are generally small, with adults growing to between 3 and 6 pounds, and they are also a high-energy breed. They are good foragers, and they are very alert, making them good free-range breeds less likely to be hunted by predators. Order 100 Brown Leghorns for a full free-range flock with many colorful chickens.  

 Egg Color White  Hardiness Heat
 Egg Size Medium to Large  Broody No
 Egg Production Good  Hen Weight 3-4 lbs
 Personality Active & Skittish  Rooster Weight 5-6 lbs

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